Lindsay  Greene  CMT,  SEP  
is a Trauma Specialist with a private practice in Los Angeles. She integrates Somatic Experiencing®, Subtle Bodywork and Cranial Sacral Therapy into her practice. She also offers Mindfulness Meditation Guidance and weaves it into sessions when appropriate. Her primary goals are to recognize and affirm her clients at their current capacities and encourage them towards greater degrees of self-actualization. She works with each client to create a uniquely safe space, in which they can set their own pace, explore their experience, release accumulated stress, and resolve trauma.

Lindsay holds a degree in Contemplative Psychology with an emphasis in Health and Healing from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She completed a 3 year training program in Dr. Peter Levines’ approach to healing trauma, Somatic Experiencing®, and currently assists other professionals learning SE at these training programs. She is certified in Cranial Sacral Unwinding and licensed in Massage Therapy and Health Education. Lindsay has been a guest teacher in Theatre & Therapy classes within an ongoing USC Graduate Program. In the midst of her western academic education she spent a year ordained as a nun in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and three years living and working at a Vipassana Meditation Center in New England. She has travelled to study with teachers of various spiritual traditions in India, Portugal, and Nova Scotia and continues to expand her knowledge and personal experience of the healing arts.

Lindsay is available for individual sessions and group facilitation in the LA area, and skype and phone sessions worldwide. She has an office in Santa Monica, CA.Lindsay_Joy_Greene_CMT,_SEP_-_Trauma_Therapy_and_Bodywork_in_Los_Angeles_Approach.htmlLindsay_Joy_Greene_CMT,_SEP_-_Trauma_Therapy_and_Bodywork_in_Los_Angeles_Approach.html

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Using the somatic experience to resolve trauma, restore strength, and return to the Source of peace.