ReSourcing™ is a blend of Somatic Experiencing® Therapy and Subtle Bodywork, based on cutting edge research in brain science. Utilizing the therapeutic effects of touch and mindful awareness, Lindsay helps the nervous system return to it's naturally resilient state, especially if it has been compromised by shock, trauma or accumulated stress. The results are clients who release feelings of limitation and become happier, healthier and more fully themselves. 

Implicit in the name, this work is aimed to help you reconnect with the innate resources and healing capacity of the body, particularly in regard to trauma and accumulated stress. The capital ‘S’ refers to, and reveres, the ineffable Source of this healing capacity, an experiential understanding of which is perhaps the ultimate resource.

Navigate freely through this site to familiarize yourself with the language and foundations of this work, understand the underpinnings of trauma, and learn how sessions will help you to resolve your trauma, restore your strength, and  help you return to the Source of peace. 

Honored to be a part of your healing journey,
Lindsay Greene CMT, SEP


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Using the somatic experience to resolve trauma, restore strength, and return to the Source of peace.
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