Lindsay intuitively blends Somatic Experiencing, Subtle Bodywork and Cranial Sacral Unwinding into sessions tailored to meet the individual, present needs of each client.  She is careful to work at the clients’ current capacities while gently encouraging movement toward the next level of capacity. She negotiates the use of touch with clients as needed, as she is well aware of the activating potential of touch when dealing with certain kinds of trauma.

Using honed skills of psycho-biological attunement and multi-sensory perception, Lindsay touches and perceives the subtle and gross structures of the body. These include but are not limited to; skin, connective tissue, fluids, bones, diaphragms, joints, organs, energy fields, channels and centers. 

Places where energy may be stuck or imbalanced are discerned. Awareness and presence with ‘what is,’ naturally allows structures to shift, channels to open, movement to be restored and the flow of one’s life force to be experienced. 

Clients often report feeling a state of relaxed aliveness after a session.

WHAT   DO   I   NEED   TO   DO?

The only requirements for this work are your own internal awareness, and a willingness to let your experience naturally unfold in the present moment. Built-in biological processes and the innate healing capacity of the body take it from there.


Clients should dress comfortably, generally in yoga clothes or workout apparel.
Sessions may be done sitting or lying down and generally include gentle touch and dialogue, as well as times of silence. All efforts are put towards following your natural pace and allowing the system to come into balance gently and easily.

Skype sessions with or without video, and phone sessions are quite effective even though the physical element of interpersonal touch is not present. The potency of your internal awareness and the attunement of the practitioner is present regardless of proximity.

During a session, we will speak more in the language of sensation/felt sense rather than the language of thinking/analyzing to keep the experience body-centered. This is easily learned and becomes effortless after a short time.

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Using the somatic experience to resolve trauma, restore strength, and return to the Source of peace.