Lindsay works with athletes, artists, actors, writers, directors, musicians, filmmakers, students, psychotherapists, healers, housewives, desk jockeys, and 
ANYONE ready to release their sense of limitation and  ACTUALIZE their TRUE POTENTIAL.

“The work is both easily accessible and backed up by scientific research. It just makes sense to me and feels good! It equips people with ongoing, practical tools for self-care. I feel profoundly impacted by a greater understanding of how to honor and work with what my body is communicating.”
-C. Manley, Student, USC, CA

After a few sessions with Lindsay I finally feel connected to myself again, but in an even bigger and better way than ever before. I am happier, more productive and I finally feel like I am living the life I want to live. We worked through something deep that I didn’t even know was there, holding me back.  We didn’t dwell on it or get stuck in it, we moved past it and released it.  Since my last session, I have more energy, I’m more motivated and don’t get ‘stuck’ in the dark places.  I feel like a weight has lifted off of me and living life feels more enjoyable! And when life goes haywire, a session with her helps me to release the anxiety and put the challenge in perspective. It is impossible to see Lindsay and not see forward movement in your life, it is inevitable.  I intend to see her for many years to come.
-H. Martin, Writer, Los Angeles CA

I am an avid tennis player, cyclist and swimmer. I play in many USTA leagues and tournaments. I have a 4.5 USTA rating. I was always fairly successful in competition but often I would fall short and lose an event even when my opponent and I were equally matched. I seemed to have some sort of block and couldn't get over it. After working with Lindsay I have started winning many more matches, especially the tightest most competitive ones. It's as if something released and I can let my inner self play. My wins this year alone have far exceeded the last 10 years. I just found out I won a free years membership to my club because I won so many tournaments throughout the year! I attribute it to Lindsay's ability to help me release my inner tennis player. I had the skills, now I can let them come through and am having a lot more fun on the court because of her work with me. Thanks Lindsay!
K. Grant, CMT, Bell Canyon CA   

“Thank you for the deep and profound healing experience. You are truly gifted.”
-D. Campbell, Art Teacher, Los Angeles CA

" I am deeply impressed by Lindsay's expertise and professionalism. Our session was via skype without video, and I was so pleasantly surprised  and profoundly transformed by the effectiveness of the modality coupled with Lindsay's brilliant insight. I felt safe in the company of her calm and soothing voice and simultaneously appreciated that I was at home, in my own personal space. I felt her patient presence with me through difficult passages, supported by her unwavering acceptance and gentle affirmations. These were such important elements in helping me discover and discern between my own wisdom and trauma-created patterning. The breakthroughs I experienced during our session have been with me ever since, and in the process I have gained an unshakeable self-confidence, peace of mind, and authority in the aspects of my life that we touched upon. I recommend Lindsay Greene to anyone who is ready to make lasting changes in their life, and embrace their birthright to free and joyous living."
-A. Petruse, MFT student and LRH practitioner, Moorpark, CA

“I am four months pregnant! I believe the work you did with me really put me in a place to be able to get pregnant again.  I felt much more stable and wasn’t overcome by the fear of the other losses. I’m really grateful you came into my life, and I just think you are a really wonderful person.”
-J. Purse, Vocal Coach and Performing Artist, Los Angeles California

“Lindsay's presence is obviously a skill she's been honing -- it comes through even via skype.  Her calm, earnest curiosity about the inner workings of my process set the stage for me to allow myself to find my own answers.  I didn't feel pressured to be "right" or even to be "healed."  Just permission to be, and to be seen being. In that field of awareness, I found myself performing my own dramatic show.  I could see the characters coming on and off the stage of my body/mind.  But it's the coming off that was crucial.  My emotions do walk onstage and come into the spotlight.  And as the director, I can choose when it's time for someone else to take center stage.  I've never seen this so clearly. Somatic experiencing is a powerful tool in Lindsay's clearly full toolbelt.  I'm really grateful she has shown me how to use it.  I walked away from our session feeling empowered to notice my experience of emotional pain, and finally be able to do something to relieve it, for myself.  And that something is so simple.”
-R. Kushins, Social Worker, Maui HI

“Wanted to let you know my shoulder is feeling much better. Thank you for your healing ways. Its unique and effective. Everyone around me especially my wife has noticed I am more relaxed. You have a gift.”
-R. Rogers, Martial Arts Teacher, Los Angeles CA

“Thank you so much for the session yesterday; wow... amazing.”
-L. Wexler, Public Defender, Los Angeles CA

“I so enjoyed our time together yesterday. What a pleasure to meet you. I don't want to jinx anything but I have to tell you that a few hours after you left my body started to feel normal again. It's been so long since I've felt freedom internally. It was a bit of a surprise. A wonderful surprise. Today is much the same. A little pain over the left ovary area but it's truly amazing how my hip/leg pain seems to be greatly diminished. I even feel energetic.  So, I think we are onto something. Thank you... This is great.”
-C. Gruber, Yoga Teacher, Studio City, Los Angeles CA

“I like being connected and working through the things I need to, and the things I don't know I need to.
Lindsay is a guide, healer and teacher. She provides a comfortable and relaxing environment that puts me at
ease. She has great hands and helps me rebalance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When I am
done with a session, I have a much greater sense of well-being.”
-M. Siegman, Executive Director, Atlanta GA

“I appreciate Lindsay's gentleness and clarity.” 
-J. Gale, Cultural Field Worker, Culver City, CA

“I have never had any other therapist achieve the results that I have experienced with Lindsay... by not only addressing my fibromyalgia but also a constant back pain... I trust Lindsay’s judgment and her advice. I would recommend and endorse Lindsay Greene to anyone.”
-D. Marler, Artist, Writer, Grandmother, Woodland Hills, CA

“I really appreciated Lindsay’s passion. Also, I think she has a lovely, calming tone of voice. I appreciated that she utilized an empowerment perspective and answered all questions without judgment” 
-B. Israel, Student, USC, CA

“Lindsay has a way about her that puts people at ease.” 
-M. Perry, Cultural Field Worker, Venice, CA

“I felt an embodied experience of “completing the cycle.”  I was able to have the physical, bodily reactions that I had consciously and unconsciously silenced and it felt amazing afterwards!  I really appreciated Lindsay’s energy and presence in the room.  She has a very calming and welcoming voice and presence and it helped me feel more connected.”
R. Struch, Student, USC, CA 

“I feel Lindsay embodies what she speaks about.”  
-D. Tucker, Student, USC, CA

“Thank you for guiding, teaching, and pushing me on my path. You have made a significant impact on my life.” 
-S. Michael, Television Director, Los Angeles, CA

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Using the somatic experience to resolve trauma, restore strength, and return to the Source of peace.